Arriving Late To “Twilight”

Posted: 28 June 2010 in Entertainment
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As of recently, I have decided to watch the latest installment of the “Twilight” saga, albeit, a bit late to the party. My reasons are NOT to be with the “in crowd”, nor is it that I have fallen prey to the overly zealous hype. But rather, of a musical nature. Allow me a few moments to elaborate…

Just last night I caught wind of some information about the movie that made me WANT to see it, though I may wait until its DVD release – and RENT it. This will not be a spoiler alert, but rather something enticing… especially for those music aficionados (such as myself). I have found out that, making a cameo appearance, as a vampire, is none other than…

… wait for it…

… wait for it…

Peter Murphy!!

For those of you who know who Peter Murphy is, will agree that this role is not a far cry from the image he has within the music industry, though I seem to recall reading an article (but can’t remember where) where he has said he never cared too much for his music being referred to as Goth (which, by the way, was “a person of no refinement. A barbarian” as early as the 12th century), nor his title as the “Godfather of Goth”… though I think he’s come to terms with that.

Now to address those of you whom are beginning to wonder if I’ve gone completely barmy… Peter Murphy has a large following from his solo career, but mainly from his stint as the frontman for a group known as Bauhaus. This was a band greatly considered to be the first Goth Rock band, first forming in 1978. They came out at a time when disco was fizzling out (thank goodness) punk was still struggling, and the birth of New Wave came about. New Wave, then called Alternative (now it’s referred to as CLASSIC Alternative – man, that makes me feel OLD). Though their early recording career lasted from 1980-1983, they amassed a very large following. When they split up, Murphy went on to a solo career, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins formed Tones On Tail (with Glenn Campling), and David J practically disappeared until reuniting with Ash & Haskins later to form Love & Rockets. The four reunited again in 1998 to headline at the Coachella festival in California.

I could go on and on with their history, but then you younger folks wouldn’t research them on your own, thereby discovering the music of a band incredible enough that you just may make forsake the likes of many of today’s hacks that call themselves “musicians”

I emplore you, before you go watch Eclipse, dig up some music and videos on Peter Murphy… you’ll soon find yourself saying “a cameo wasn’t enough for him”


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