The Road Scholar series

Posted: 29 December 2010 in Travel

Well, with the support and encouragement of some good
people on twitter (mainly @terrinakamura, @SlickRiptide and
@IvoryJohn), I will be starting a series telling of my adventures
and exploitations… ok, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic. I am a
truck driver and will be documenting my experiences and
observations of where I happen to be, be it commenting on the
particular landscape, or opining on a cultural attitude/mindset. I
hope this venture will be informative, enlightening, even humorous
(though I may be brash, but not vulgar, at times) – but I will try
to make it anything but boring. This endeavor will OFFICIALLY begin
on the 1st, but since I will be home, the adventure will ACTUALLY
commence on the 3rd. However, please feel free to comment, tweet,
etc. your opinions and/or critiques, as those will also help me to
shape the direction this venture goes in. Blessings to you all,
dear readers… let’s have an enjoyable “trip” together.


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