The Road Scholar – Day 1

Posted: 1 January 2011 in Travel

Well, today is the actual launch of this series, but since I am not on the road, that would make it rather difficult to offer any type of commentary on the topics/observations in which my previous post said that I would. However, since I am still a bit unfamiliar (and inexperienced) with blogging, then I hope to, a) acquire a readership of this blog, and b) rely upon the guidance of said readership in the shaping of this blog. But in the meantime, I’ll just merely use this as a way for me to reflect on my previous thoughts, to possibly recycle for future use in a random, albeit useless, drivel.

Since I’m not on the road, what did I do… I made a nice dinner for my family: a 20lbs garlic encrusted turkey for three (I’m a turkey junkie), latkes (aka – potato pancakes), green beans, and a devil’s food cake… and, of course, took advantage of the NCIS marathon. Perhaps tomorrow will bring about more with which to share, as I will be leaving for Ft. Smith, AR in the afternoon sometime.

Please forgive that this “debut” lacks any substance… I hope that will change – soon!

  1. Blanca says:

    I can’t wait to read more. Happy New Year =)

  2. Lisa Roberts says:

    This is awesome!!! Something to look forward to reading. I
    hope you and your family have an amazing New Year 🙂

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