The Road Scholar – Day 11

Posted: 11 January 2011 in Travel
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I sit here in Robards, KY picking up a load bound for
Lowell, AR. Robards, a small town about 60 miles east of Paducah
and 35 miles south of Evansville, IN, doesn’t really have much to
offer by way of culture, but for a place to get away from the
hustle & bustle of the big city – this would be ideal. Not
the type of country setting I prefer, as I would be more drawn to
the northern states (Montana would be more to my liking… or
Minnesota… or Wisconsin). However, if there were any one place I
would like to live, considering money were not an obstacle, it
would probably be Cape Cod, MA. When I first began this life of a
truck driver, I ran team (1 truck, 2 drivers, sharing the driving
duties) with a classmate from the driving school we both attended.
One particular run we had took us to south central Massachusetts.
Once we got unloaded, as it turned out, we ended up getting laid
over. Stan called and asked, since we had to wait until the
following day, if he/we could visit his mom who lived 45 minutes
away (at least that what he told the company – she was actually 1
1/2 hrs away). With their approval, we headed to Bourne, MA, a VERY
quaint little town just across the bridge in Cape Cod. For
mid-June, a more than welcome 54° is what the night offered. The
next day, Stan gave me a tour, making stops in W. Yarmouth,
Barnstable, and Woods Hole, where you can catch a glimpse of
Nantucket in the distance, a great view of Martha’s Vineyard, and
eat the most amazing stuffed quahogs. Woods Hole was exactly what
you would envision a coastal fishing town to look like, complete
with the strong briny air that overwhelms your nostrils. That visit
was the first, and, to date, ONLY time I had seen a lobster roll
sandwich on the menu board of the local McDonald’s. It is the
experiences like these that make the job of a truck driver – at
least for me – such an enjoyable job. In future posts, I will share
more of these memories, since, if I shared them all in just a few,
then I would quickly run out of “padding material” – after all,
isn’t that what most blogs consist of? There are a few blogs that
are exceptions to the afore mentioned note. One such blog I have
just recently discovered via Twitter – and it’s one I really enjoy!
I’ll admit, I’m not one of those “social media gurus” (though I
find it difficult to put much trust in such self aggrandizing
titles, let alone the ones who use them). In fact, I’m rather new
to blogging itself. But one fellow (though I hesitate to use said
term in reference to a writer of the opposite sex) blogger, whom
not only refrains from using such titles, but probably abhors them
(as I surmise from her recent diatribe concerning Klout), is Lori
Flood of (check it out – it’s refreshing,
honest, and REAL!). Well, it’s now snowing here in Kentucky, so I
shall close here, sit back and watch the flakes as they flutter
about before their final descent. And it’s a good thing my doors
are locked, I think I just heard someone begin to play “Dueling
Banjos” in the distance.

  1. loripop326 says:

    thank you so much for the shout out 🙂 i’m very happy you enjoy my stuff, and honoured to have been mentioned here in your blog!!

    and you’re quite correct. i loathe anyone that calls themselves a guru.
    no guru-ing for me.
    i prefer anti-gurus

  2. Kinley says:

    I’m not an anti-guru, but I may be the guru of anti-‘s. With regard to the Dueling Banjos… Just remember, five strings, six fingers. That’s all there is to say about that.

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