The Road Scholar – Day 20

Posted: 20 January 2011 in Travel
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I said last night that I would be composing this edition from home… alas, I have not made it there yet. I made my appointment, got unloaded, and began to head home, when my dispatcher called me and said they wanted me to head to our North Little Rock yard. Not a bad thing, mind you, as it turns out, my truck is being phased out of the system, so I needed to move into a new one – BRAND new, as in a 2011 model. The downside is I can’t head home until tomorrow. Along with getting a new truck, I also have to attend a class to become familiar with the different specs this truck has AND another class for electronic logging procedures. Yes, our company is making the transition to paperless logbooks. Happy happy, joy joy. I kinda feel like Huey Lewis, “I got a new truck… ” oh wait, wrong lyrics.

Now that I’m moved in, I’m totally stoked at this task I take on now – doing laundry! You may be thinking “if you’re going home tomorrow, why not do the laundry then?” Two reasons: a) if I’m here, I may as well do it, then I won’t have to deal with it over the weekend, and, b) IF I take home dirty laundry, I will get ready to do it, but my wife takes it from me and puts it in with what she may already have – she has enough to deal with, she doesn’t need my dirty clothes.

But I am excited about going home, snow is waiting which means a perfect opportunity for quality snuggle time while watching some old classics (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof I think is one of them). So while I wait for my clothes to dry, I’ll take care of some finishing touches in the new truck… or will I… Conan is coming on… the truck can wait – TEAM COCO!!


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