The Road Scholar – Day 21

Posted: 21 January 2011 in Travel
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I finally made it home AND I’m writing this from our home computer. It’s been a fairly long day, mainly from the classes… but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all that. The good news is, after all was said and done… I got moved into my new truck.

I don’t own the truck, I just drive it.

When I got home, my wife and I went out to Colton’s with her parents for dinner. Today is there 45th anniversary (I thought this was a good opportunity to experiment with the 8mm video app I’ve got: ).

In a day when most marriages last substantially less time than that… what, 1 1/2 to 2 years basically, so this is a major accomplishment. As I said, we ate at Colton’s, which, in my humble opinion, is overrated, overpriced, and sub par. So, to my surprise, the food was actually pretty good… then again, when you’re very hungry, even Menudo is appetizing (that being a dish that, according to a young Latino man I met in Harlingen, TX, has one sole purpose – to cure a hangover). I opted for the Blackened Tilapia over a steak (if you can believe that) due to the fact my last experience at said dining establishment resulted in me sending the dish back 3 consecutive times. I would have much preferred Longhorn Steakhouse, but, alas, there are none within the general vicinity. But keeping in mind this was THEIR anniversary, so the good company & conversation made it all worthwhile.

And for the record… I ate like a pig (amazing what being VERY hungry will do for you).

Blackened Tilapia w/ butter sauce

  1. Tony Hammack says:

    Pretty rough on Colton’s. Glad you’re back in town and excited about seeing you soon. The new truck looks very nice and the Tilapia also looked pretty good. Be blessed my Road scholarly brother in Christ.

  2. loripop326 says:

    hey, cool new wheels. i love the colour.

    glad you made it home safe. enjoy the time with your family 🙂

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