The Road Scholar – Day 22

Posted: 22 January 2011 in Travel
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Day 22… have I actually blogged that many days? Hard to believe, since driving a truck does occupy a lot of time, and I usually unplug when I’m home.

It’s been a quiet, peaceful day, and one that has included the frequent consumption of coffee. Here soon, my wife and I will partake in the viewing of a classic movie. We have 4 to choose from: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, The Manchurian Candidate (the original, with Frank Sinatra), All The President’s Men (Redford & Hoffman), and Funny Girl. Though we have many movies in our library, these were titles that not only do we not have, but also ones we just happened to be in the mood for. There is a theater in town (2 actually, one being more of a budget type, playing 2nd run films at a lower price), but, unfortunately, there have been MANY times when a first run film would be released, but never make it to this town.

Living in a smaller town does have some advantages: less traffic, less stress, more laid back, but all to often I find myself longing for the bustle of the big city… oh, how I miss southern California. Many other truck drivers don’t like going out there, but not only did I enjoy taking loads out there, I also enjoyed living out there. To be able to have a variety of ethnic cuisine to choose from, and so much culture that, when we lived out there (and like many already do) we took for granted, is greatly missed now. Not to mention the beach, which is quite a spectacle at night. After night has fallen, there is very little activity (unless you are in places like Manhattan Beach – yes, there’s one in California), but so much to take in.

There are many areas where you can just sit on the beach at night, San Clemente was one such place I used to frequent. Sitting on the sand, listening to the waves as they rush onto the shore, and then quickly return to their origin. On many moonlit nights, you can see the undulations of the waves… the water reflecting the moon light, almost entrancing, sparkling. The ocean water offers a sound that is so relaxing, no matter what stress the day has freely given you, the sound of the ocean water lapping gently over the rocks, or playfully slapping the support beams on a pier are guaranteed to drain every ounce of stress from your body. You can hear the seagulls, as they chatter amongst themselves… meaningless words, but in perfect sync with the language of the sea itself. The subtle rustle of the sand beneath, a soft crunch with each solemn step, and the welcomed gritty feel as each grain ebbs over your feet, then timidly falls away. And, depending on where you’re at, you can hear the clanging bell on the buoy in the distance.

With minimal activity, this is just a taste of an aquatic paradise.


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