The Road Scholar – Day 24

Posted: 24 January 2011 in Travel
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First day back out on the road, first trip with new truck… minimal productivity – thanks Tyson. Yes, that’s where I’m at, where I’ve been since 1330 today. The trouble with their “just in time” shipping policy is that once I get the trailer loaded (which is projected at 0200) I have to drive through the hours of zero dark-thirty, even after sunrise, a total of about 265 miles to make my delivery by 1100. But this is the brain-child (more like brainDEAD child) of the corporate level “know-it-alls” – the very same ones who take ZERO consideration for the driver’s sleeping habits. Hey, Tyson… we are humans, not the same computer program for which you have devised this “brilliant” idea in order to increase your revenue. I’m all for the concept of generating profit, but doing so while simultaneously using common sense really seems like the only logical plan – but maybe that’s just me.

Ok… rant over. I did, however, have an absolutely splendid weekend. Enjoyed some good food, great conversation, and some awesome scriptural study time with my best friend and soulmate… my wife, Michelle.

This is the woman that keeps me focused, keeps me balanced, and most importantly, keeps me in line.

We have many great conversations: many times she is right, but when she is wrong – and admits to it – I make an audio recording… suffice to say, there are VERY FEW of such recordings which only means that she is usually right.


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