The Road Scholar – Day 34

Posted: 3 February 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m sitting here in Ardmore, OK, just under 100 miles from OKC and 32 miles from the TX state line. I’ve recently been using this BlogPress app and the last couple days it would close when I would finish and try to post. I thought perhaps I had too many posts saved, so I deleted a few. Last night I went back to read one from a couple days ago and this is what I saw…

Yes, what I deleted from the apps list, got deleted from the blog itself. Some of you more seasoned bloggers may be saying, “well, DUH!!” But I really didn’t think that would happen. This blog is posted on WordPress because they have an iPhone app, whereas Blogger (whom I prefer) does not, and BlogPress allows me to post on either one (which I plan on using Blogger again sometime soon), plus BlogPress will automatically post my posts on Facebook and Twitter. So over the coming days I will have to try to remember what it was I blogged about on the missing days in question. That, itself, could be a bit difficult since, as you’ve probably noticed, I write “off the cuff”, “shoot from the hip” and whatever other clichéd phrase you wish to use. Sure, I could just use Blogger exclusively and post via email, but using particular options like bold text or italics would be a bit challenging with email – I’m not exactly computer literate… I would even venture to say I’m technologically declined (I’m also a multilingual illiterate – I can’t read nor write in many languages, but that’s for another time).

The point is, I’m not as computer savvy as those 20 years my junior, but we all learn from our mistakes (if only we could convince our children to learn from our mistakes). In the future, I will know not to make such a dim witted move… I hope. If you have been reading these posts, and you just happen to remember the content of a particular day (more specifically, days 26 – 32) and pass that on to me, I would be EVER SO GRATEFUL!

I’m trying to recall those days because, depending on how this series turns out after a solid year of posting, I may compile it into a book. Maybe not the best idea I’ve ever had, but it’s an idea. Succeed or fail, at least I had tried. It could be worse, I could try to be a politician – though I know THAT wouldn’t work out because unlike politicians, I have scruples (and morals… and character… need I go on?). This daily blogging is truly a challenge, ESPECIALLY when you have even a small readership (as I do), because you have to try and be more creative or imaginative each day, or you may lose that readership. All in all, I’m rather enjoying it, not so much for the positive feedback (though it does help), but because it stretches my boundaries of creativity. Even I become amazed when I look back at the post and think, “that turned out REALLY good.” So you tell me…

Is it a good idea?

Is it a bad idea?

Should I drink a Starbucks before or after I write?

… Ok, shutting up now.

– Another rant via BlogPress

  1. loripop326 says:

    dude. i’ve been blogging online for almost 15 years.
    i still do things like that….lol

  2. I think it’s a good idea. Interesting observations that would engage a reader. Above all, carpe java before, during and after the writing process. 🙂

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