The Road Scholar – Day 35

Posted: 4 February 2011 in Uncategorized

Today has been a busy one! I had three Lowe’s stores in OK to deliver to (long story), first in Ardmore, then Durant, and finally in McAlester. The thing about driving a truck is it’s not really bad driving in snow, so long as you have some weight (product) in your trailer… 30,000 pounds or better will usually be sufficient. Sadly I wasn’t even close: 3 pallets, just under 4,000 pounds, and each stop removed some of that weight. By the time I finished out in McAlester, and after sitting around for about 1 1/2 hours, I was told to head to our yard in North Little Rock, AR (I have to attend an orientation prior to becoming a trainer) – on the snow & ice and empty.

But I survived (that is something that I really didn’t need to post, as I am blogging the day’s events). I made it as far as Russellville, and since orientation doesn’t begin until 0700 on Sunday and I’m only 70 miles away, I think I’m in pretty good shape.

In some areas along the way, the snow on the ground had an almost flour-like quality to it. Anybody who has ever made bread (and I do, on occasion), would know how the flour takes on a slightly different texture and property, once you’ve let the dough rise a little, then knead it on a flour covered counter. It may be sifted when you first put it on the counter, but then the kneading process will pack it a little, and even form “cracks – well, that’s what I thought the snow resembled.

It was snowing here earlier, then stopped, now started again. It almost looks like the fake plastic snow Hollywood would use in the 50’s and 60’s, where it kinda looks real, but kinda doesn’t (Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe, or Never A Dull Moment with Dick Van Dyke are good examples). Yes, it looks like the snow front is coming back… for all you English Majors, I know I just committed a grammatical faux pas by using a double entendre, but I intentionally used that particular wording JUST for the chance to use the words “double entendre” in a sentence – SO THERE!

– Another rant brought to you by the letters R and B and by the number 3


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