The Road Scholar – Day 38

Posted: 7 February 2011 in Travel
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Woke up this morning to a moderate snowfall. The orientation class this morning (in which I am not just the only soon-to-be trainer, but the only one there whom is already employed by this company – everybody else is hoping to “make the cut” and get hired on) was set to begin at 0630, of which I found out I was exempt from until 1100… everybody else had to be there for physicals. During that time, I engaged in conversation with several of the instructors in the training center. One of the instructors with whom I spoke shared with me some very uplifting news.

During the course of them seeking trainers in my division, they (the instructors) were tasked with compiling a list of possible candidates they feel would be suitable for the position. This instructor told me it was a short list – of which my name came up and all the instructors agreed I would make a good trainer for student drivers. Hearing this made me feel both honored and humbled (more of the latter than the former). Several weeks ago I had heard news of the possibility that my company may be considering this option, of which a VERY reliable source then confirmed. At that point I just let the matter drop. But hearing the afore mentioned news showed me that my G-d must have a plan for me in said venture… which only invokes in me a more humbled state.

And to give you an idea of this company’s standards, those who are in orientation for employment are NOT guaranteed a job… they are here now because they met the initial criteria, but when they are given a job offer – and ONLY then – can they put their minds at ease. Yesterday one potential driver decided he wasn’t a “good fit” for this company; today, 2 more were sent home because they were unable to clear that next hurdle – 3 in two day… and there are about 11 people, and three days, left. So you see, I am humbled because not only have I cleared all the hurdles to gain employment here, but also because others feel that confident in my abilities (and that I have the right attitude) to teach others not only how to drive, but to perform their duties with the level of excellence that also represent the strong values which have given this company the outstanding reputation they hold so dear.

Most trucking companies will basically give you a job if you pass the drug screen and have a valid license, but this company expects – nay… DEMANDS – excellence! Do I continue to feel humbled? You bet! Do I bless and thank The L-rd that He has opened this door for me? Absolutely! He has chosen me, so the VERY LEAST I can do is be the best example for Him that I can. Several years ago, at a home fellowship study my wife and I frequented in California, a dear friend gave us a refrigerator magnet with a simple, yet powerful and deep quote on it, which we still hold dear to this day:

“Preach the Gospel always…
use words when necessary.”


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