The Road Scholar – Day 39

Posted: 8 February 2011 in Travel
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Another day done, most of which I was not required to be in classes for since they mainly dealt with road tests and benefits. Here in the Little Rock area, everybody is abuzz with the coming “snowmageddon”, but will the storm live up to the hype may very well be the question of the night. We will know probably by morning. We took a couple tests today, and I did well, but got a couple incorrect answers (which worked out better, I didn’t want to appear too pompous or arrogant in front of the others, whom have just recently graduated from trucking school). All in all, the day wasn’t too bad.

Earlier today I received a gift from a dear friend, a Midrash (or more specifically a volume of the Midrash. For those that may not know, a Midrash is a compendium of books, a companion if you will, used as an aid in the study of the Torah. Or, more simply put, an extensive work of commentary. The other volumes that accompany this book I will eventually purchase in order to complete the set… after all, what use is one without the full set? But I will eventually have a complete Midrash, as well as a complete Talmud – which is a more expensive AND expansive collection.


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