The Road Scholar – Day 40

Posted: 9 February 2011 in Travel
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It seems as the impending snow that was predicted has come upon us, and it pretty much lived up to its hype (it apparently has a good PR firm). Due to weather, our day was modified and cut short… but the blog must still continue. By “modified” I mean rather than everybody (excluding me) receiving a job offer tomorrow, they got them today… which for them, was quite exciting, since now they know they’ve cleared all the necessary hurdles toward gainful employment.

On a different note (and one I would REALLY like the input of those whom have subscribed to this blog), I am seriously considering transferring the platform from the current WordPress to Blogger. As I mentioned in a couple previous posts, I much prefer the latter to the former, but Blogger not having an iPhone app was why I went with WordPress. However, BlogPress does support both, but I have let my Blogger account sit dormant for far too long. So I appeal to my readers & subscribers (though few they may be) to speak out for their preference. I’m now requiring nor requesting an answer right away, I will put it up for a vote. Over the next few days I will post via Blogger, BUT I will post a link on WordPress for said blog, this way you can not only compare between the two, but also so the subscribers will receive their usual notifications upon my new posts.

So please let me know…




  1. Tony says:


    I read your blog when it links into facebook. If blogger can then that would be fine. I link my blogger page into facebook also. So my vote is…I like it when your blog appears on facebook.


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